Fingers MKIIIFingers MKIII


Fingers began as a one-off piece, made in 2003. In 2009, Nik worked with Laikingland to develop Fingers into a multiple, which has since been produced in three editions and three special editions. They have been shown in Shanghai, Dubai, Los Angeles, Basel, Milan, Copenhagen, Paris and London. Sir Paul Smith bought one of the first ten and later gave another to Sir Jonathan Ive of Apple. Kanye West included it in his Kanye University blog and was moved to comment '?'

Above is the current version, Mk III cast in iron, which can be purchased from Laikingland and below, is the MkI, shown on a record sleeve, from 2010.


Below, are the original version and the MkII in aluminium.

Lastly, are three special editions produced for Paul Smith: the Haphazard version to coincide with Nik's solo show at Paul Smith, Mayfair, the brassy edtion for 2017 and the copper for 2018.

All photos (except of the original version) and video: Laikingland